Saturday, June 25, 2011

the tiniest Green Tea Cupcakes w/Pistachio White Chocolate Frosting

Obviously, I like making cupcakes. I went to Madison today with my friend/co-worker and we hit up a cake decorating store. Much to my surprise, they had about a million things I needed! Most exciting?! Extra miniature cupcake liners!
Many people that know me, know that I love a miniature version of most if I can bake a mini, I am all over it!

We made a white cake from a book called Baked. We actually baked two cakes for next week, which I'll frost tomorrow so she can bring the cake to her family's 4th of July celebration.

But, these tiny little cupcakes liners used just about 1 teaspoon of batter per we made 12, just for fun & no one will know 12 mini cupcakes are missing from the cake...

We made a white cake from a book called Baked. I added a teaspoon of match green tea to this batter, frosted them with the white chocolate butter cream, also from the book, then topped them with crushed pistachios & a light sprinkling of matcha. YUM...and antioxidant filled?! Totally...right?

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