Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chocolate Cake w/Salted Caramel Chocolate Frosting

This lovely cake is taken from my favorite book at the moment...Baked. It was a co-worker's last day, so of course I had to make something!

This is 3 layers of chocolate cake, which were soaked in salted caramel, then frosted with a chocolate ganache & salted caramel frosting. I also added the crunchy cake crumbs around the bottom and some white sprinkles on top, just for fun.

While this is probably one if my favorite cakes I have made so far, the frosting was too soft. So, that seems to be a theme with the frostings from these books. Maybe it is just me?! I dunno, but I will make it again & try a few different things hoping for more perfected results.

Remember, if you are ever interested in the actual recipe I am posting about, let me know & I will post it for you!

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