Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Posting of past things...

I don't want to be super obnoxious & re-post everything I have ever posted before I moved blogger...so I am going to attempt to do it in one, reasonably sized post. Mainly, so I have my pics archived for when my computer crashes (lets hope it doesn't though!).

candied bacon & maple cupcake
This was for a co-worker who had a birthday...something for which I am glad everyone has! More birthdays mean more days I NEED to bring something in!

This is a simple vanilla cake that I soaked with maple syrup, topped with a vanilla butter cream (my standard recipe), then topped with bacon that I coated in brown sugar and maple syrup right before I put it in the oven.

The nice thing is the bacon bakes flat! Which allowed me to cut each slice in 3rds, then cut each of those in half, making mini bacon slices - which is why there are 3 on each cupcake!

Candied bacon is everything delicious packed in a little meat strip. Sweet, a little salty an melts in your mouth. SO. GOOD.

coconut cream cheese chocolate cupcake
The second cupcake flavor for that same birthday above. Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting (ccf) dipped in toasted coconut flakes. Also yum, but yum for the less adventurous.

coffee cocoa nib truffle cupcake
This could have been called 'Crap I had in my Kitchen Cupcake', however that isn't horribly appealing.

This was made from chocolate cake, chocolate ganache (dipped), a truffle rolled in coffee, cocoa nibs & edible glitter.

Just one of those random, late-night-need-to-make-something creations. People liked it. It may become a permanent option on the menu!
banana peanut butter chocolate cake

candy cake

red velvet next to the banana (seen above)
beer & bar snacks

s'mores cupcakes

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