Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Salted Caramel Brownie Cupcake

My sister needed me to make cupcakes for her work! She wanted something chocolate & caramel. No problem...

I had to load everything I'd need into my car and drive 5+ hours & of course I forgot somethings, or didn't really think about needing them at the time I packed. Slowly, my sister's house is being stocked with random baking tools!

I wanted to make my favorite brownie into a cupcake. I made the brownies not that long ago & didn't think one batch would make 24 cupcakes. Well, after I doubled the batch, I realized that it would in fact make 24 cupcakes...and now I had to bake 48 cupcakes! That is kind of a lot, right?!
So, I decided I'd practice decorating a few different ways. These ended up being my favorite. All of these (big & small) are brownie cupcakes, topped with salted caramel, then frosted with vanilla butter cream & I had some left over crunchy cake crumbs, so I threw some of that on top, too!

I realized I am not a fan of colored cupcakes liners, unless they are thick enough to not be sort of see through, I actually like the look of this cupcake. And the tiny little cupcakes - how could you not love 'em?!

There will be another post about those specifically, but I had a couple extra, so I just frosted a couple so everyone could see how tiny they actually are compared to the regular sized cupcakes. They are about 1/2 the size of standard mini cupcakes! Talk about a really fast bake time!

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