Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tangled Birthday Cake

Rapunzel and her hair
My co-worker's daughter turns 6 today! And she requested a cake with Rapunzel, from the movie Tangled.

When I heard about this, of course I offered to make the cake! At minimum, it will taste better than a store bought cake! And, I think I made it look pretty cool...
I made a vanilla cake & colored it purple (this is a little girl's birthday), then filled the 4 layers with a strawberry frosting, then frosted the cake with the pink frosting as well.

I had to level the purple cakes to stack them evenly, so I used that extra cake to make a cake crunch & decorated the bottom of the cake with it, then added the sprinkles to the top.

I used a yellow royal icing with a grass pastry tip to make Rapunzel's hair cascade down the side of the cake! If only we were able to find a little doll with plastic hair, rather than 'real' doll hair, it would have been easier to match the colors.

another hair view
But, with just a couple of days to figure this out, I think it is pretty decent! If is fun...for a 6 year old!

Happy Birthday, Reagan!

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